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kleiser walczak. Why was he Famous?

Kleiser Walczak and Diana Walczak were the first to make a 3d human character in a production called Nestor Sextone for President which was unveiled at SIGGRAPH in 1988. the character’s appendages and faces were individually created

Nestor Sexton for president title image

Kleiser coined the phrase Synthespian for his future creations after he created this digital actor while creating the voice script for Sextone to speak to his synthetic thespian audience. There was no software at the time for flexible joints so ‘Vote for sexton had a crude (but still advanced in 3D character animation) form of connection which was the joints clipping each other by inter-penetrating (two objects moving individually and sometimes visually through each other).

A year after ‘Vote for Sexton’ was released ‘Dozo’ the new and refined character for a music video titled ‘Don’t touch me’ was born. She was created using the Lucas Film project technique ‘interface’ which was filming a Woman in a skintight diver suit with ping-pong balls on all of the joints and surfaces against a solid colour background with opposing colours for the balls for better perception of movement.

The Reference markers were traced onto pegged animation paper. These cells were then digitized on a tablet and the collected data became the two-dimensional basis for the motion of the character.”

Synthespian information page

Films by Kleiser Walczak Construction company.


Santa lights up new york

Corkscrew Hill

Little Miss Spider


Films with Kleiser Walczak Construction company work


Spiderman (CG scenes)

Judge Dread (Gruesome brutality and dismemberment scenes)


Xmen (Mystique and various other CG events)



Exorcist ‘The Beginning’ (Various visual effects shots)

Kleiser Walczak – Pioneer

Kleiser is considered a very important man of his time and profession, according to a Mr Herbert Freeman who wrote an interesting history of graphics and animation  the important key figures can be classed as one of four groups.pioneers

  • pioneers
  • innovators
  • adapters
  • followers
  •     A pioneer according to Herbert Freeman is defined as a person who enhances existng technology or incorporates it for another enterprise E.G. computer graphics used for films instead of live action actors. can be classed as a pioneer in the art of CGI due to the fact that he created and evolved the first true animated 3D CGI character by adpting technology that was existing at the time.  Through this pioneering feat people have followed and produced amazing CGI films and effects with advanced methods of Walczaks own as can be seen with such characters as Gollum from ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, King Kong from ‘King Kong’ and films such as ‘Final Fantasy: spirits within’.




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