Cartesian Co-ordinate system

The Cartesian co-ordinate system is used to create the illusion of a 3D space on a 2D monitor. The creator of this system is the French Scientist Rene Descartes who is also the famous philosopher who said “I think therefore I am”.

 The 2D axis is X&Y. The Z axis in the Cartesian system adds a 3d dimension of width. The Origin is the point where X, Y and Z meet. An example of the way a co-ordinate written in the co- ordinate format is (-59, 100, -50). A way to remember how the system looks as well as remeber the format order for the co-ordinates is to gt your right hand, level it out palm first, stick your thumb out straight to the right, place your index finger pointing straight out and your middle finger pointing up.


 The purpose of the viewports in applications that use the Cartesian Co-ordinate system such as 3DS Max is to give different working angles that show only two axis’s at the same times to allow more precision measurments in your work. The views that only give a 2 dimensional view is called an orthographic view.



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